The Experience

We were driven to revive a concept and create a company that filled a void in our community. Our vision is rooted in offering the best in customer service, expertise, and an ambiance where ladies and gentlemen from all walks of life can enjoy a memorable experience.   


the concept

Bring two age-old business concepts back together to offer ladies and gentlemen a place where they could receive the best in service, products, and community. Our team of owners and staff are fully engaged at all levels to ensure customers leave feeling completely satisfied and have received a refreshingly pleasant experience.


smoking experience

Mark Twain was famously quoted as saying, "If smoking is not allowed in heaven, I shall not go.". Whether you wish to enjoy your cigar in solitude and contemplate the meaning of life or with friends, you can do so on our 3000-sq-foot patio. It has been nicely appointed with bisto-style seating and if you prefer more comfort, the lounge area with heaters, is the perfect place.

A nice place to smoke is nothing without something nice to smoke. We have meticulously curated a selection of premium tobacco products. While we offer many favorites from lines such as Alec Bradely, Davidoff of Geneva, Rocky Patel, Cohiba, and Monte Cristo, we carry some exclusive rare vintage, limited edition, and regional blends.

If there is something you are interested in and we do not carry it, we would be more than happy to look into getting it for you. We our true lovers of the leafs and will go to great lengths to offer you an exceptional experience.  



gentlemen's barbershop

Ask any one who has been initiated to describe the experience a barber can offer compared to that of a stylist or your aunt who cuts your hair in her basement. They will most likely tell you, it something that anyone should at least experience once. Once, is all that it will take before you realize what you have been missing. Our team of barbers have been collectively grooming gentlemen for over a quarter of a century.  From fades to flatops, pompadores to hard-parts, our team can match your style and make you leave #feelingroyal.